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Salveo Innovations, LLC is a health tech company founded in Southeast DC. We build patient centered solutions that improve health literacy and reduce barriers to important health information.
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Do You Understand Your Doctor?

9/10 adults in the United States struggle to understand health information when filled unfamiliar and complex terms

Our core solution,‘Tyrone,  is a Health application that helps people access critical health information when they need it most AND in simple, everyday  language.  It is designed to be integrated into current platforms used by institutions, healthcare providers and/or as a stand alone tool. 

Meet Tyrone

Using AI and adaptive language, Tyrone grows smarter with more use and integrates with the provider’s patient portal helping to simplify nudges, prompts and post care instructions instructions along 3 primary pathways...

Check Your Symptoms

Access local recommendations &
A customized question builder

Receive individualized Nudges and Prompts that simplify the information you receive from your healthcare provider


Founding and
Field Testing
-Field Testing 1 in DC
Conducted community interviews with seed funding from Johns Hopkins/Sibley Memorial Hospital
Prototype Designed and Field Tested
-Pandemic Readjustment
Covid19Ready Launch
Your Local Go-To COVID-19 Resource for DC, NYC & NOLA”
-Fielding Testing 2
in NYC
Designed Health & Wellness Circuit for NY Liberty and Walmart Back to School KickOff in partnership with TechPlug
Coming Summer 2022
-Tyrone 1.0

Our Partners

The Team

Kesha Lee

15+ years in Education and Literacy Attainment

Carlisha Gentles, PharmD

13+ years in Public Health and
Managing Chronic Diseases

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